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Lizzy M

"Prior to seeing Kendall I was convinced I needed surgery on my foot. Getting back to my daily routine of yoga/running/cycling seemed so far away. My right foot after 6 weeks in a boot was stiff, muscles were atrophied and could not support myself on one foot. 12 sessions later I cannot believe my range of motion and movement. Kendall - I cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart - Thank You!!!

Review_Ashley De La Rosa_edited.jpg

Ashley D

"Working with Kendall has been a truly life changing experience. My entire alignment has become more neutral and I feel like I am finally able to walk with ease. After 4 foot surgeries and a lifetime of difficulty walking I was resigned to feeling the daily pain and discomfort in my feet, knees, hips, and back. Now, I am able to use the strength I have gained and mental awareness to activate and use the proper muscles to walk, run, and perform my job to the best of my ability. Thank you Kendall for your hard work, attention to detail, kindness, and great music! I will miss you as I head on to the rest of my tour!!


Kim O

"Hope, tough love, conquer fear, progress, learning new and better ways to maintain my body healthily. Recently retired after 12 years at San Francisco Ballet, I had toe surgery during [the] 2020 pandemic (yikes!) I could not stabilize my injured side in releve demi pointe on one leg; my large body muscles over worked! My hip [felt] disconnected from top to bottom. After 24 releves on demi pointe AND pointe (single leg,) 16 sautes per foot, AND MORE, I now can confidently dance ballet and beyond.


Dominica P

"Kendall was a HUGE HELP. One year post-op after arthroscopic surgery to treat my FAI my hip was hurting again and I had very little strength and range of motion on my afflicted side. Sessions were fun and educational and helped me feel like I was in charge of my own recovery. I love ballet, I’m a recreational dancer (not a professional) but recreation is so important and I feel like Kendall respects the artist in me. Each session I made progress (so satisfyingly!) and I was so impressed I made my husband sign up for sessions too. Thanks to Kendall’s close attention and homework assignments, I experienced huge improvements in 12 sessions. Highly recommended!


Chloe B

"I am a student at Lines Ballet, and I cam to Kendall with back pain and spasms, barely able to dance at all. Kendall helped diagnose me with a herniated disc and scoliosis, and we worked together to work through it. In a few months now I'm mostly pain free and can dance again, with a lot more knowledge and information about how my body works. Thank you so much Kendall!


Lily M

"I am a pre-professional contemporary ballet dancer and before coming to see Kendall I was struggling with misalignment and instability in my pelvis and S.I. joint area. Kendall has been amazing in helping me get my strength back that I feel I've lost through this COVID-19 pandemic. I am super grateful for all of the exercises I've received from Kendall that will help me gain strength as I prepare for the moment when I'm back dancing in a studio again. Thanks again Kendall!


Georgia D

"Kendall has helped me so, so much to improve my strength and overall ballet technique over the years. Most recently, I had developed an os-trigonum that had become painful during an at-home ballet class over the summer. I was unable to point my foot for weeks, and could not dance on pointe without pain for five months. I learned that my injury was primarily due to incorrect placement and underdeveloped muscles. This is a common issue for me as I have a lot of hypermobility and tend to lack strength and stability. Over these last few months, Kendall helped me understand that weight training is my new best friend! With many injuries I've experienced, its "always the core" that needs to be stronger in order to support healthy placement in my extremities. Before, I had also tended to neglect the importance of upper body strength. Training my arms and back has made it much easier and drastically improved my turns. The recovery process for this injury made me a much, much stronger dancer than I had ever been before, and I wouldn't have figured out that work without Kendall. Thank you!

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Maya M

"Before I came to SF Performing Arts PT, I was suffering a fracture in my sesamoid bone that wasn't showing any sign of healing after not dancing for 11 weeks, and being injured for at least four months total. One podiatrist told me that I should consider giving up dancing, but I was determined. I heard about SF Performing Arts PT through a friend, so I decided to book an appointment with Kendall and just after the first session I knew I was in amazing hands. Immediately Kendall could tell what my problem was and why I wasn't healing, and showed great signs of hope for recovery. I ended up working with Jess Aranas for the first few months of my treatment and she was awesome as well! I came in twice a week and every session she not only pushed me hard, but was always thinking of new creative exercises for my specific injury and ways to tape my foot so I was supported. Slowly but surely I was healing and getting back into dance at a calculated and healthy rate. When the shelter-in-place orders came about, I began working with Sarah from home, and the transition was easy. Her extensive knowledge and ability to tell what small issues were wrong even through a video camera was astounding to me, and my progress skyrocketed. She helped me make changes to my alignment, especially with my pelvis, which made all the difference for my dancing and how I approach each movement. I'm proud to say that after about five months of PT that I am pretty much fully healed! I am able to go back en pointe and jump without any pain at all in my foot which just a few months ago could not walk without intense pain. All of the ladies at SF Performing Arts PT are so knowledgeable, kind, generous, and amazing at what they do, and I am forever grateful to all of them for helping me to literally get back on my feet. I feel confident now to get back into class with the new tools I have acquired through my time at SF Performing Arts PT. Thanks again, Kendall, Jess, and Sarah!!


Tiffany L

"I came looking for PT because of pain in my hip and knee. I didn't know why it hurt or how to fix it. Kendall taught me which muscles I was using incorrectly that would cause the pain. She showed me which muscles I was supposed to use. Kendall has helped me, not only with my hip pain, but also my technique in ballet. I have changed and improved as a dancer, thanks to Kendall!


Lauren R

"Overall my experience here was amazing! I grew up as a gymnast and dancer and I am currently a dance minor at Chapman University. Over my years of dancing/gymnastics I have gone through a lot of PT but my experience here is one of the best. I came in with extreme shoulder impingements and over only 5 visits Kendall did an incredible job helping me recover and now I feel better than ever, ready to go back to school and dance! I am so thankful and impressed by the amount of improvement I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time! Thanks Kendall!


Katharine B

"Kendall has been absolutely lovely! I’ve had knee pain for more than two years, which was interfering with dance and exercise. After only three sessions, my knee pain is gone and I’m much more informed about how to care for my hypermobile joints. I’m so excited to be able to move forward with dance without pain!


Akhila A

"I've been training circus arts (specifically contortion) for the past year. Splits have always been problematic for me. Before coming in, I injured my hamstring in oversplits. Kendall & Sarah helped me understand how to properly stay activated. I really love how all the exercises were focused on building awareness. I feel like I can use this knowledge to take my work to the next level.


Cheryl Y

"After 8 sessions with Kendall, I am leaving feeling more confident, educated, and overall stronger! I was originally weakened from being in a boot for so long but Kendall has given me so many new exercises that I will continue to use to strengthen myself. We have realized so many things. For example, the weakness in my right hip and misuse in my turnout muscles. I'm so glad Kendall helped me figure out all these different aspects and I'm definitely leaving here as a better and more educated dancer. I couldn't thank Kendall enough for these amazing 8 weeks.


Asia B

"I am a professional ballet dancer that has been struggling with back pain for many months. After several sessions working with Kendall my back pain has completely healed! Not only do I feel healthy, I feel at my strongest both physically and mentally. This PT experience has been so educational. I have been dancing professionally since 2013 and feel that I learned more in the past couple of months through these PT sessions than I have over the past 6 years. I highly recommend Kendall as a physical therapist and mentor for any young dancer or professional! I will surely be taking everything I have learned here throughout the rest of my career!


Brad P

"I am not a dancer. I'm a 47 year old guy with a lengthy history of left ankle injuries. Prior to starting physical therapy with Kendall, I'd spent the previous few years in a semi-constant limp. It hugely hindered my quality of life, not to mention my health, physical and mental. 

Kendall worked with me in-depth, discovering the root causes of my troubles and diagnosing what my daily activity - how I walk, stand, etc - was and how it impacted me. The change in me was quick and obvious.

I'm a believer.


Monique J

"When I came to Kendall, walking was hard and dancing felt impossible. I was confused and despondent. As a dancer in my late 40s, I was sure that my pain, tightness, and not-great-x-ray image would point to a hip replacement. 

Kendall received my fear and confusion with empathy and her perfect combination of wry and upbeat humor. We got to work as she assured me that we could most likely manage without surgery. The work was simple, clear, and fun!!! Not once did she balk at my wanting to dance at my age! Now I'm dancing and even running!

Kendall gave me exercises that empowered me to heal myself and change my perspective, and that is so valuable. I will continue to come in for the occasional tune-up and though there still may be a surgery in my future, I know who I'll look to in my recovery!



"Kendall helped me so much!!!

Before Kendall, I had a bunch of problems. My ankles, calves, and back weren't working in the way they should have been, and they were making it hard to dance at all, let alone improve. After my first session with Kendall, I could walk more comfortably than I had been able to in years! I learned that my core has not been doing its job right and by engaging my core more I am able to walk, run, jump, and just generally dance better than before.


Vishal P

"Kendall helped me recover from knee problems that plagued me for a year. Within the first week, she recognized problems with how I was standing and walking. After that, she progressed me through a series of strengthening exercises that got me back to full strength within a couple of months. It was truly a miraculous recovery. Along with Ariell, who assisted me with exercise form, Kendall was a master motivator!


Audra P

"I saw Kendall once before my ankle injury. In that one session I learned so much about my body. Then, when I sprained my ankle very badly, seeing her on a regular basis saved my body. As a recreational dancer, I absolutely needed to get my ankle back. Our progression through my injury has not only healed my ankle, but made me stronger and more informed. I am so grateful for the knowledge and messages Kendall has shared. I will never not see Kendall after any future injuries.


Ever T

"I had somehow hurt my leg during a dance class and I came to Kendall with that complaint. Not only did she help with my leg pain but she worked on my strength and dance technique. I had around 6 sessions with Kendall, and in that short amount of time she helped me in so many different ways. I am 100% sure that I came out of these PT sessions a much better dancer (without a hurt leg too :))


Cat K

"When I first came in to see Kendall, I had achilles pain and inflammation. I was originally in SF for a world premiere at YBCA with the dance company I am in called, I found myself in doctors' appointments instead of having the time of my life sharing a work we had been creating for over a year! 

Meeting Kendall and working closely and with such attention from her has been clarifying and freeing and challenging. I understand the hard work I have ahead of me, but at least I really understand it this time around! Physical Therapy has become a home away from home for me but I have never experienced such relief and a decrease in inflammation so soon as a result. Kendall has helped me think about my entire body and has treated my injury not only in the affected area but overall. I am already feeling and seeing improvements after my second appointment. Kendall, thank you for creating an environment that makes me feel comfortable, confident, and optimistic. Thank you for pushing me further than I thought I can go. My continued strength and growth and clarity in alignment will be a reflection of you and your shared information. With so much gratitude and thanks.


Clem D

"When I first came in, I had hurt my knee multiple times and had to do strengthening to prevent injuries from happening again in dance. In my left knee, I had instability and hyper mobility in my kneecap, so I learned a bunch of strengthening and stretches to get stronger. We moved on from my knee to my pointe work and tightening up my technique as well as worked on my back to prevent my scoliosis. Now, I feel much stronger and my knees don't hurt anymore. My technique and my extension in my ankles have improved. I will continue to do my stretches because they have done so much for my strengthening and improvement in my dance skills.


Vanessa G

"I am so thankful that you helped me! When I was injured I had to teach myself to stop doing things that negatively affected my dancing. Sometimes I wished pointe was not a thing, but I kept going, I learned so many things when you were helping me! You inspired me to work harder and I did. In the beginning of therapy I was limited to a lot of things. I couldn't even do releves on flat! My jumping skills have improved a lot and I have gotten so much stronger. I was worried if I would never catch up on pointe. I got so frustrated, I cried. Now when I look at myself now I have improved so much. This was a blessing in disguise.


Mia C

"As a young artist in the beginnings of a professional career, I had little knowledge of the extreme demands full time dancing could and would have on my body. I started working with Kendall for back pain that I had been continuously unresolved for several months. Getting answers, explanations and solutions for my injury was the best thing that could have happened through reversing and performing. We started from the base of my weaknesses and looked at the core of my technique. With the necessary strengthening and exercises I've been seeing real changes and improvements to my body and the way I dance. I'm so grateful that Kendall was able to work with me and get me to a pain free place with my body so thoroughly and quickly. But resolving my back issues only was the first step, as I now feel that I have the motivation and ability to bring more power and stability to my body and dancing wether it is related to an injury or not. From not being able to stand up straight without pain to doing full ballet classes and rehearsals in the span of only a few weeks, I'm very thankful to be able to work with Kendall. This has been a wonderful experience and I hope to continue improving with this work. Thank you!


Angela Z

"I had a sesamoid joint injury when I saw Kendall. I was just out of a walking boot that I was in for 3 months. I worked with Kendall for over 6 months - when I first saw her, I had to relearn how to walk with the right alignment, put weight appropriately on my feet, and get back my ankle strength and balance. I dance the Tango as an avid hobby and Kendall helped me get back to the dance I love. Thanks Kendall!


Aislinn E

"I came in 5 weeks after having surgery on my left ankle. I had limited mobility in my ankle and was weak in all directions. I could not jump and had very limited balance. When I left, I had full range of motion back, was stronger than I was before surgery and could balance, turn, jump and leap. On top of that, I came out with a much better understanding of my full body alignment. Before, I had not realized I didn't know how to turn out properly and didn't have control over my hip alignment. Now, I finally understand how to use my muscles correctly and my entire technique has improved because of it.


LizAnne R

"I have been working with Kendall off and on for about 10 years. When I would have minor pain from rehearsing, one session with her would provide knowledge forward to keep me strong and dancing. In 2011, Kendall helped me rehabilitate my right knee from surgery for a patellar tendon tear. Not only did she help my body gain strength (in order to perform on pointe only 6 months later!) She helped me learn how to rest when pushing isn't the way forward and also gave me confidence in my body's strength again with her sincere enthusiasm and encouragement. I now see Kendall when something I can't figure out happens when I dance and hike and after a session I am always bolstered and feeling ready to get back in the studio or on the trail!


Annie K

"I had a chronic neck injury that kept coming back- it hurt so badly that I wasn't able to lift my arms or carry very light weight. Since coming to see Kendall the injury has caused me fewer and fewer problems and now when it does come back, I can fix it with a treatment most of the time. Today I came in for a different problem and was in a lot of pain at the start of the session and couldn't roll down without pain or sideband without pain. Now I feel pain free and much more mobile!

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