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Erin performs at ODC's State of Play Festival!

Monday, June 6, 3:30pm
Studio B, ODC Dance Commons
Digital stream Thursday, June 16, 6 PM

ASL interpretation will be provided at this event. Captioning will be available on this Digital Encore. Please contact the ODC Box Office with accessibility requests or questions

Paper Trails is a dynamic exploration of the unique communication pathways adopted by immigrants on Angel Island in the early 20th century. This new dance work features a range of movement drawn from imagination and personal stories, as well as inspiration from Erin Yen’s mixed-race lineage.  Artists Lucia Flexer-Marshall, Abigail Hinson and Sawako Ogo share the stage to research how communities may be built through fragmented interactions. The records have burned. A new history may form and we can write it, one secret message at a time.

Past events, projects, news...

We are attending the 32nd annual International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) Conference!

October 2022 in Limerick,Ireland

Join us this year for our first-ever hybrid IADMS Annual Conference. We are expecting over 500 thought leaders worldwide to attend both in-person and virtually, providing access to all who want to attend! Whether you are joining in-person in Limerick, Ireland or tuning in from anywhere in the world, the IADMS 32nd Annual Conference is being built with you in mind. In-person participants can attend all sessions live in Limerick, and remote learners will have access to all conference presentations in real-time, via live stream on the conference mobile app.

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We are in Pointe Magazine (again!)

Check out their article on rethinking common corrections and see what Kendall has to say!“Really think about the correction, and try to consider if it’s for you,” says Alway. “If something makes you move more slowly, makes it harder for you to move, makes something hurt, those are all signs that you are doing something incorrectly. A correction should make you feel lighter, faster, and should make the movement easier. If a teacher is insistent about a correction that doesn’t pass those tests, think about how you can follow the spirit of it without applying the action of it as much.”

We are featured in Pointe Magazine!

April, 2021 Kendall shared "3 Exercises for More Coordinated Pirouettes" with Pointe Magazine! These can be great additions to your toolbox, and we hope you have as much fun doing the exercises as it was to shoot them.

Model/Dancer: Carmela Mayo

Photo/Videography: Christian Peacock


Saturday January 18, 2020 
10 - 11 AM

Free Workshop!

Demystifying Crunchy Knees

Are your knees clicking or crunching? Come to our FREE workshop and learn what your knees are trying to tell you and why. We will send you home with some tools to keep your knees happy and healthy. Taught by Kendall Alway, PT, DPT.

Friends and family of all ages welcome.

Chairs available.

Space is limited to 10 participants. 


Saturday September 14, 2019

Free 30 Minute Celebration Evaluations!

We are turning 6 and celebrating our Second year on Mission Street!

We would like to say thank you! AND offer you a gift.

Help us celebrate by accepting our offer of 

a free 30 minute evaluation!!!!

Who qualifies for this offer?​

- All past clients who have not been seen in PT in more than 3 months.

- All present clients who have another problem not currently being treated.

- All loved ones: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers of our past and present patients. 

We invite you to celebrate our two year anniversary at 2141 Mission Street, and our 6th birthday by taking advantage of our 


Saturday, September 14, 2019!



October Pointe Shoe Fitting

Join Josephine Lee from ThePointeShop at SF Performing Arts Physical Therapy for your personal and professional pointe shoe fitting! 

Josephine brings 500 pairs of shoes just for fitting!

The $35.00 fitting fee will be waived upon the purchase of shoes.


Thursday October 17, 2019

3 - 6 PM

Free Workshop!

Foot Strengthening for Everyone

There are 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, ligaments in one foot! Our feet propel and power us our entire lives. Foot flexibility and strengthening is the key to maintaining a healthy and mobile life.

This FREE workshop will teach you about your feet and how to strengthen and stretch them. You will be able to feel more connected to the ground and supported throughout your body.

Please wear socks and prepare to be barefoot.

FREE, open to all!
Friends and family members welcome!
Chairs available.


Saturday July 13, 2019

10 - 11 AM


Saturday June 1, 2019

10 - 11 AM

Saturday June 22, 2019

12 - 1 PM

Free Workshop!

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Knowledge is Power

This FREE workshop will teach you about your spine and some of the most common causes of lower back pain and sciatica. We will also give you some tools to take home to help relieve your pain. Taught by Kendall Alway, PT, DPT.

FREE, open to all!

Friends and family members welcome!
Chairs available.

June Pointe Shoe Fitting

Join us and Josephine Lee from ThePointeShop for another pointe shoe fitting! Josephine brings 500 pairs of shoes just for fitting, and you are sure to find your perfect fit.

The $35.00 fitting fee will be waived upon the purchase of shoes.


Thursday June 18, 2019

2 - 5 PM

Ballet School

Summer Session Conditioning

Ages 12-18

For ages 12-18. This workshop series of six Thursdays from 7:00-8:00pm will build strength for your summer session! We will do a pre and post-test of your strength and you will be able to measure your improvement.

Taught by former ballet dancer Rachel Sutter-Leve, DPT.


May 9 - June 13, 2019

7 - 8 PM