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Your Physical Therapy Visit


SF Performing Arts Physical Therapy was started to provide a unique space for dancers to recover from injury. Functional rehab requires you to have the space you need to roll around on the floor or do foutte turns. But that is not all...

Physical therapy with a dance medicine specialist produces the strength and technique corrections you need to reach your goals, and the hands-on treatment (myofacial release, joint mobilization, taping, etc)  you need to feel better in the process. We also use pilates equipment (reformer, wall board, ladder barrel and EXO chair), balance equipment and weight training to help you go where you need to be. 

Please come prepared to move.  Wear pants that can be pulled up over your knees, and a top that can expose your shoulders (like a camisole).   A changing area is available in the bathroom.  If you wear dance shoes, and/or have a question about your shoes, bring them!

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Photo by Scott Chernis.

Conditions Treated

  • Hyper/hypo mobility (too flexible, too tight)

  • All types of foot and ankle problems

  • Back pain

  • Sore shoulders

  • Pre-pointe strengthening

  • Hip problems

  • Ongoing (chronic) aches and pains

  • Fresh injuries (sprains, strains)

  • Post-operative recovery

  • Tendonitis

  • Sciatica

  • Recovery from old, nagging injuries

  • Persistent weakness

Services Offered

Physical Therapy Evaluation:

(no referral required) One-hour session with Physical Therapist includes assessment of strength and weakness in muscles and dance technique. Your first visit includes a home exercise program and manual therapy. A formal written evaluation is completed and sent to your physician at your request. Physical therapy may be covered under your insurance. 

Physical Therapy Follow-up: 

One hour session with Physical Therapist. A typical course of care is 4-12 visits, a bit longer for post-operative return to performance level. Healing takes time and hard work, and you will be proud of yourself once you are finished. Visits are typically once  or twice every week tapering to once every month or two. CA State law requires a prescription from a physician after 12 visits (including the evaluation).


Professional Dancers:

Professional dancers receive a discount at SF Performing Arts Physical Therapy. Additionally, San Francisco Ballet, Lines Ballet and ODC Dance Company are on contract. If you would like your company to be on contract with us, please have your company manager contact us. Worker's Compensation is accepted for professional dancers only. This requires pre-authorization and pre-approval and a physican's referral.  All of this paperwork must be completed by the patient and faxed to our office prior to the first treatment.  

Photo by Scott Chernis.
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Photo by Scott Chernis.
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