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Ballet Dancers

Backstage Coverage

Did you know that we provide on-site treatment during dance, music, and theater workshops, competitions, productions, rehearsals, and performances? 

SF Performing Arts PT supports major local Bay Area and touring musicians, dance and theater companies.

Backstage Coverage

What is backstage / on-site coverage? who is it available to ?

we've worked backstage with LINES ballet, international hip hop dance festival, touring broadway productsion like LIST NAME as well as ???
We also are available to attend rehearsals for local and touring company rehearsals, or offer one-on-one sessions if needed.

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Read below to learn more about our team.

How to inquire for a booking? 


hands on treatment

performance assessment



About & fav thing about on-site coverage


About & fav thing about on-site coverage

Inquire about booking

how to 


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