Physical therapy designed for dancers, athletes, and you.

At SF Performing Arts Physical Therapy, the treatment approach for dancers and other athletic individuals is different. We speak ballet, hip hop, jazz, and ballroom dance (among others). You will be treated by a former professional dancer, who understands your body as a dancer and your specific challenges. Using biomechanical and scientifically informed treatment with our manual therapy, exercise and alignment correction, you will improve in ways you never thought possible. You will work hard, and you will get better. Dancers of all ages and levels are welcome here, and so are their friends and families!

Lately at SF Performing Arts PT...

We are attending the 32nd Annual International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) Conference!

October 2022 in Limerick, Ireland

Join us this year for our first-ever hybrid IADMS Annual Conference. We are expecting over 500 thought leaders worldwide to attend both in-person and virtually, providing access to all who want to attend! Whether you are joining in-person in Limerick, Ireland or tuning in from anywhere in the world, the IADMS 32nd Annual Conference is being built with you in mind. In-person participants can attend all sessions live in Limerick, and remote learners will have access to all conference presentations in real-time, via live stream on the conference mobile app.

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"All of the ladies at SF Performing Arts PT are so knowledgeable, kind, generous, and amazing at what they do, and I am forever grateful to all of them for helping me to literally get back on my feet. I feel confident now to get back into class with the new tools I have acquired through my time at SF Performing Arts PT."


“I am a professional ballet dancer that has been struggling with back pain for many months. After several sessions working with Kendall my back pain has completely healed! Not only do I feel healthy, I feel at my strongest both physically and mentally. This PT experience has been so educational. I highly recommend Kendall as a physical therapist and mentor for any young dancer or professional! I will surely be taking everything I have learned here throughout the rest of my career!”


"Kendall, thank you for creating an environment that makes me feel comfortable, confident, and optimistic. Thank you for pushing me further than I thought I can go. My continued strength and growth and clarity in alignment will be a reflection of you and your shared information. With so much gratitude and thanks."